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Agenda for change starts to fall apart

Gill George, AMICUS NEC (personal capacity)


Some astonishing news from City Hospitals Sunderland. AFC is starting to fall apart. We can beat this.

Below is the astonishing statement from the Chief Executive and Staff Side lead at City Hospitals Sunderland - one of the biggest AFC Early Implementer sites. There are so many losers that this Early Implementer site has decided NOT to fully implement AFC. This is an extraordinary development. It highlights the extent to which this poorly funded and shoddy system is beginning to unravel.

Message forwarded on behalf of Ken Bremner, Chief Executive, & Ann Clay, Staff Side

Dear Colleague

As you will be aware, we are currently in the process of disclosing the results of job evaluation for the majority of staff, as planned.

On examining these results, there are a number of emerging issues, which indicate that some staff will potentially be financially disadvantaged on transfer to the Agenda for Change system.

As a high performing Trust, we acknowledge that the success and achievements we have enjoyed in recent years have been as a direct result of the hard work and dedication of our staff. We also remain firmly committed to the principles of Agenda for Change, which provides the basis for a fair and consistent pay system.

However, in recognition of the value we place on our staff, the Agenda for Change Project Board has, following discussions with staff side colleagues in the Joint Consultative Group, decided at this time not to transfer those staff who may be financially disadvantaged by the process. In the meantime, however, as we want to be absolutely sure that the process we have followed locally is robust we will be gathering more detailed information to allow us to review the situation fully. In parallel, we will be giving feedback to the Department of Health on the situation now and as it unfolds.

We would like to emphasise that this decision in no way detracts from the hard work, integrity and impartiality of those who have done a fantastic job in implementing Agenda for Change thus far on behalf of the Trust.

We hope that you will agree that this is the most appropriate way forward at present. Be assured that we will continue to keep you informed of the next stage through the usual communication systems.

Yours sincerely


Ken Bremner
Chief Executive
         Ann Clay
Staff Side - UNISON


And this is why they canít implement. This is a report from an Amicus member at City Hospital Sunderland. No further comments are necessary.


Went to an Amicus meeting this week

All members have done badly it seems - MLSOs Medical Electronics Estates Also done badly are Finance admin, IT. Some clerical ie a dept secretary has got a few extra spine points on her new band (band 3) compared to her previous band.

The nurses have done the best it seems.

An F grade nurse from OP who is not the most senior in the dept ie she has a G grade over her has got band 7 (the G grade with the budget also got band 7). Neither nurse does hands on clinical in terms of running specialist nurse led clinics etc. A very senior research figure in the trust then also got a band 7 (not a nurse) - we just cannot see the logic at all.

Some people cannot score points in certain sections eg estates, IT and this seems to mean they cannot get access to some of the pay that nurses can - it is still unclear though and hopefully the union will collate the info and look at patterns. There was discussion at the Amicus meeting that the people who did a Job eval questionnaire ie the 36 page one seemed to do worse than those who just had an interview and were matched - again this needs research and discussion as it may just be rumour.



June 2004


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