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The Manchester branch of the National Union of Journalists is supporting Aamir and Hummera Ashraf who are campaigning for the right to stay in Britain. Aamir and Hummera fled Pakistan in 2002 because they fell in love and did not enter into arranged marriages. Death threats from Aamir's family have been made against Aamir and both families in Pakistan are now involved in a violent feud that has involved the use of firearms. Clearly it is not safe for the family to return to Pakistan.

Paul Goggins MP for Wythenshawe & Sale East said: "I have written to Tony McNulty, the immigration Minister, to let him know that Mr Ashraf is collating evidence in support of his case and that I will forward this to him as soon as it is ready."

Hummera will be speaking at a Manchester conference, in September against honour killings. Mansoor Hassan, a journalist from Pakistan who was threatened because of his articles on honour killing, is helping to organise this conference.

Aamir will be present tomorrow at the lobby of Dallas Court Enforcement Unit today (18 May 2006) in support of the Mansoor and Aqila Hassan and their four children, who have to report there for an interview.

Mansoor and Aamir are both members of the National Union of Journalists and Trades Unions For Refugees (TUFR)

How you can help:

1. Petition - Below is a petition that you can print off, get signatures and return to the campaign.

2. Join the Ashraf Family Campaign

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Background: If you are against Honour Killing, support the Ashraf Family



If you are against Honour Killing, support the Ashraf Family

Muhammed Aamir Ashraf – Home Office ref: A1147849
Hummera Aamir – Home Office ref: A1184573

Muhammed Aamir Ashraf is a JOURNALISM graduate and holds a diploma in IT. His wife Hummera has a Master’s Degree (Literature) and was an M.Phil student. They married each other on their own choice against their families. Both families persecuted the couple, threatened and tried to kill them. The Pakistani Police do not offer adequate protection from HONOUR KILLING; In fact the couple is also under threat by the police because Hummera’s family made false allegations against them.

According to The Home Office country report on Pakistan (Oct 2004), which draws on information from an Amnesty International report, “Insufficient protection of Women: Honour Killings are carried out by men who assume that their wives, daughters or sisters have in some way contravened norms relating to the behaviour of women thereby damaging a man’s honour” and The US State Department report notes that “The [Pakistan] Government also failed to prosecute vigorously cases in which families punished members (generally women) for marring or seeking a divorce against the wishes of other family members”.

Hummera’s claim has been rejected. In Ashraf’s case the Immigration Adjudicator allowed the claim on human rights ground but the Home Office appealed against that decision. The case has been “remitted back” to an adjudicator three times. The whole process has taken 3 years so far. They have two children now, both born in Manchester.

Meanwhile, Hummera’s family continues to hunt the couple down and have used threatening behaviour against a friend of theirs who gave evidence to their solicitor.

We, the undersigned, ask the immigration minister, Tony McNulty, to review Ashraf and Hummera‚s claim for asylum and grant them leave to remain on compassionate grounds.



"The idea that human rights are a threat to public safety is false and dangerous"

"All governments have a duty to protect the people. Indeed the right to life is the most important human right of all. But there is no serious evidence to support the claim that our security can only be achieved by human rights transgressions committed by the state. The effective response to threats against people's security is competent and effective law-enforcement. That includes abiding by the highest standards of human rights set by the European Convention of Human Rights.

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