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1,000 march in Swansea

Huw Pudner

Around 1000 anti racist marched and rallied in Swansea today to protest at the racist killing of Kalan Kawa Karim an Iraqi Kurdish refugee who was killed in the  city five weeks ago .

The march was backed by a large number of campaigning groups and organisations including the Wales TUC and the Transport and General Workers Union. Local anti racist groups formed "Swansea Against Racism" to organise the march and rally which as addressed by Weyman Bennett ,the joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, Leanne Woods the chair of The Stop The War Campaign in Wales and Chris Holley  the leader of the Swansea council among others. Osman from the Kurdish community in Swansea spoke of his thanks for the support shown to family and friends of Kalan by anti racists who had demonstrated their concern and anger at his killing .


September 2004


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