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RESPECT election victory

Jim Jepps

Oliur Rahman has won the St Dunstan's and Stepney Green ward by-election to gain a place on Tower Hamlets council.

The votes were as follows

Lib Dems  754
Labour  578
Tories  444
National Front  172  


Oliur is the first person ever to be elected as a RESPECT candidate - and we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations on this victory.


You can read the initial announcement on the RESPECT page here;

RESPECT Frontpage can be found here;



People may be interested to know the election results last time (May 2002)

Shamim Choudhury  Conservative  566
George Crozier  Liberal Democrat  393
Miriam Dodd  Green  269
Muhammade Hoque  Conservative  518
Paula Palmer  Liberal Democrat  418
Ataur Rahman  Labour  1232 *
Hafizur Rahman  Conservative  828
Mohibur Rahman  Liberal Democrat 300
Frances Schwartz  Green  216
Mohammed Shahab Uddin  Labour  1105 *
Nasir Uddin  Labour  1226 *
Craig Williams  Green Party  261

This clearly shows that Labour have gone from comfortably holding the seat to coming a humiliating third place.



below is a copy of the RESPECT office mail out (by Socialist Alliance national secretary Rob Hoveman) on the by election victory.

Respect members and supporters will be delighted to learn that Respect enjoyed
its first election victory last night in Tower Hamlets. Oliur Rahman was elected
with a majority of 124 over the Liberal Democrats with Labour trailing in a poor
third. Oli polled 878 votes in total. He ran a brilliant campaign along with
many others who worked very hard over the last four weeks. A huge thank you to
everyone who was able to help with the campaign.

Following Oliís victory, Hartlepool Respect are meeting on Friday evening to
select a candidate to stand in the forthcoming by-election. The election is
being precipitated by the elevation to European Commissioner of twice disgraced
former Cabinet minister Peter Mandelson.

Spirits are very high amongst Hartlepool Respect members after the council
by-election victory in Tower Hamlets on Thursday night and the unprecedented
by-election results for Respect in the recent parliamentary by-elections in
Leicester and Birmingham.

Respect is confident we will once again play a decisive role in the outcome of
the Hartlepool by-election which could once again see Labourís vote go into
meltdown. We will be urging our members and supporters from across the country
to come to Hartlepool to help with the campaign, as they so willingly and
effectively did in Leicester and Birmingham. Check the website for details of
who to contact and how you can help.

We also need all our members and supporters once again to dig deep to help us
finance the by-election campaign. Please rush donations to Respect, Winchester
House, 259-269 Old Marylebone Road, London NW1 5RA. Please make cheques payable
to ĎUnity Political Fundí.

Rob Hoveman, Respect National Office





July 2004


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