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Extending media access in Venezuela

How the Venezuela government is leading the battle against the corporate media - helping extend free speech to those who have never had access to it before.

Venezuelan Media Minister Andres Izarra has announced a kick-start to the clash of ideas or media war.

Attending a ceremony in Miraflores Palace dedicated to handing over TV and radio equipment to community and alternative media, Izarra says the media war has begun and it is time to take on what he calls the the Poison Press.

"Enough of the press that poisons .. from here I say to hell with them!"

The 11 groups that received 9 sets of radio equipment and 2 community TVs are: La Reina (Anzoategui), Radio Perola (Caracas District), Tuyera (Miranda), Negro Primero (Capital District), Amistad (Zulia),
Perijanera (Zulia), Chuspa (Vargas), Llovizna (Bolivar), Sultana del Cobre (Yaracuy), TV Puerto (Anzoategui) and TV Caricuao.

Izarra told the recipients that they are fundamental in stopping the onslaught against Venezuela of the transnational commercial press and their domestic lackeys ... "we are fed up of sending them letters, of
meeting them and telling them that they are taking things out of context, lying, manipulating and twisting... enough of lobbying to explain to them what is happening."

Next year, the Ministry hopes to equip another 128 alternative media stations.

The move is seen as another step forward in implementing one of president Hugo Chavez Frias' strategic plans to meet the political offensive of the US media.

Izarra calls the process the "construction of a new media order" that can meet the commercial media head on.

Recalling the 80s in South America, Izarra says the media was used to destabilize popular advances using smear campaigns and turning his batteries again on journalist Phil Gunson, Izarra throws down a
gauntlet, "Mr Gringo we are going to defeat you again.... we work with the truth, we have morals and above all, a leader that unites and inspires us ... We say to the US Empire: you shall not pass. Viva


March 2005


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