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UNISON NEC elections see left step back

Jim Jepps

UNISON's NEC elections have been disappointing for the left, particularly considering the excellent results in other unions over recent months.

With what can only be described as a 'poor' turnout of 8% of the members there is no turning away from the fact that the left lost ground. The left won 12 of the 70 seats on UNISON's National Executive Council

United Left candidates Mike Tucker, Diana Leach, Jessie Ruseell, Helen Jenner, John McDermott, Ann MacMillan, and Jon Rogers were all elected whilst three sitting United Left candidates Kate Aherns, Yunus Bakhsh and fiona Monkman lost their seats.

The Socialist Party increased their representation from three to five (Roger Bannister, Raph Parkinson and Jean Thorpe are now joined by Glenn Kelly and Diane Shepherd) Whilst the Socialist Party can be pleased that their own representation was increased, their joy is no doubt tempered by the fact that the left overall is in a worse, rather than better state.

Unison United Left and the Socialist Party Report of this election


June 2005


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