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Stop the National Front marching in Woolwich on Saturday

Unite Against Fascism

Unite Against Fascism call on all those who can, to join us to stop the fascist National Front from marching in Woolwich this Saturday 15th January 2005.
Please assemble at 12 noon Saturday 15th January, Woolwich Dockyard Station, Belson Rd, Woolwich.

The fascist National Front have said that they will march in Woolwich next Saturday 15th January. They must be stopped. Their only purpose is to stir up hatred and try and divide black and white people in Woolwich.

The National Front, and their bigger fascist friends the BNP, are not welcome in Woolwich. They will all come in from outside the area - polluting our community.

The NF say they are marching to mark the death of Terry Gregory who was stabbed to death in a tragic and horrible incident a year ago. Yet when the NF rabble marched last year the Gregory family rightly said they wanted nothing to do with the NF, their march or their politics.

The NF follow Hitler. Their leader who has called the march is Terry Blackham - convicted twenty times for violence, including four years for gun running to Loyalist killers in Northern Ireland. Is this the kind of person we want strutting the streets of Woolwich under police protection?

Woolwich residents, both black and white, should unite and tell the NF to keep out of Woolwich. The police should stop the march from taking place. If they do not, then as many people as possible should assemble to stop the NF from marching.

We are calling on all anti racists in South London and beyond to join us. We ask you to bring your friends and families and to bring banners .

Unite against fascism says STOP THE NAZI NF- UNITE TO OPPOSE RACISM. For more information call Unite Against Fascism on 020 7833 4916/020 7837 4522.


January 2005


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