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Galloway backs SSP suspension fight

Socialist leaders from across Europe have joined Colin Fox, national convenor of the Scottish Socialist Party, in launching a major European campaign in support of the party's four suspended MSP's. Supporters include George Galloway MP, Vittoria Agneletto MEP, Joe Higgins TD and Fausto Bertinotti, leader of Refondation Communiste d'Italie.

The four SSP MSP's were suspended and had four weeks wages and allowances withheld after a short protest in the Scottish Parliament. The European left leaders approached the SSP offering support and solidarity at Saturday's Make Poverty History demonstration in Edinburgh at which the SSP had over a thousand members taking part, the only political party that had an organised presence.

Colin Fox said today, "The actions of the unholy alliance of the SNP, Greens and the Unionist parties has caused outrage across the European left, many of whose leaders are attending anti-G8 events in Scotland this week. The SSP welcomes their solidarity and support and pledges to fight the anti-democratic ban tooth and nail."


July 2005


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