Statement in response to Tommy Sheridan's defamation case

Frances Curran MSP, Rosie Kane MSP and
Carolyn Leckie MSP 04/07/06

We are angry that the Scottish Socialist Party has been dragged through the Court of Session for 4 long
weeks and now faces another ordeal as the News Of The World launches an appeal. This was a court case we didnít want to be involved in and one that Tommy Sheridan should never have initiated.

Tommy has lied his way through this court case and we want no part in that. We have told the truth and we stand by the minutes of our party which record the truth about Tommy Sheridanís standing down as National Convenor in November 2004 and we will resist any attempt to revise the SSPís history. The most important thing now is for all SSP members to be in possession of the facts. We are very unhappy that the courts have had this information while party members have been in the dark and we will defend and protect the democracy of the SSP.

There is no plot, no frame up of Tommy Sheridan, the idea only exists in his paranoid imagination. The party can move forward but only on the basis of acceptance of the truth. This is not over yet and even at this late stage it is not too late for Tommy to tell the truth.

The truth remains the truth.



August 2006

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