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Cigarette companies under fire for flavoured cigarettes

Jim Jepps

There was outrage as it was revealed that British American Tobacco have been testing flavoured cigarettes in order to draw in new smokers.


It is particularly concerning as it seems these flavours are specifically aimed at the crucial younger market where the cigarette companies hope to catch consumers young and tie them into the highly addictive habit for life.


BAT has been testing chocolate, wine and sherry flavours, as well as cocoa, corn syrup, cherry juice, maple syrup and vanilla.


BAT strenuously deny that they will target the young with these flavours, but it is hard to see how vanilla, chocolate and cherry juice flavours, for instance, are not designed to help hook younger people, in a very similar way that alcopops have been used to boost alcohol sales among teenagers.


Bizarrely they claim they were trying to see if flavoured cigarettes had a different health effect than unflavoured ones. As the tobacco industry has for years denied any connection between smoking and ill health it seems quite a cheeky excuse from the multi national company that has made a 640 million profit in the first quarter of this year.


June 2004

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