Tommy Sheriden Arrested



Scottish Socialist Party MSP Tommy Sheridan has been arrested along with one other protestor after peaceful direct action at the immigration office in Brand Street, Govan, Glasgow. He was been charged with breach of the peace and taken to Helen Street police station.

This  peaceful direct action succeeded in preventing dawn raids by Home Office immigration officers. Those taking part included Paddy Hill, founder of the Miscarriages of Justice campaign MOJO.  Tommy was arrested just as the demonstration was ending and following a short speech in which he thanked the police for the way they had handled the protest.

Tommy was charged with breach of the peace and was taken to Helen Street police station. Protesters who witnessed the arrest said that it was completely unnecessary and questioned why Sheridan had been picked out for arrest given that he was only one of approximately 40 people who had attended the event including Paddy Hill and a Church of Scotland minister.

Before his arrest Tommy had said;

"People are being removed from their homes in disgraceful dawn raids with children being dragged out of bed in their night clothes and deported. I as an ordinary human being think that is unacceptable in the 21st century and we're calling for a more humane immigration service at the very least.  We are hopefully going to stop any dawn raids today - that's what our target is."

MSP Sheridan has been held overnight at Helen Street police station and will appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Tuesday 22nd November. He will appear at 14.00  in Court 3 or 4.