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So you can lie in the commons, but not tell it like it is

Jim Jepps

Adam Price, Plaid Cyrmu MP, has been ejected from the House of Commons after he correctly accused Prime Minister Tony Blair of lying.Adam Price MP

Mr Price, who is leading the attempt to impeach Blair over the war, politely accused the PM of having "misled" the House.

He could have called him a war criminal.

He could have sited the thousands of children that have died due to the result of New Labour's policy towards Iraq, but in the mock gentlemen's club of the House of Commons its okay to be a child murderer but never a liar.

Price said "There is compelling evidence that the prime minister misled this house in taking us to war," he said. "Isn't it high time we held him to account?"

With the approaching anniversary of the start of the bombing campaign this has helped highlight the need to get to the streets on Saturday and join the Stop the War Coalition's mass demonstration to get the troops out of Iraq.

MP thrown out over Blair war jibe (BBC)

Anti-Blair jibe leads to Commons expulsion (Guardian)

March 2005


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