Where to go for news on Palestine

Reuben Bard Rosenburg

The last week has brought into sharp focus the inadequacy of mainstream news services for keeping apace with what is really going on in the middle east. The widespread use of the term 'kidnapping' to describe the capture of an Israeli tank gunner manning a military checkpoint betrays the extent to which much of the media are willing to accept the language, the arguments and the versions of event put out by the Israeli government.

So where do we go if we want to get good, regular news on the situation in Palestine? Luckily there are numerous sources that provide very good news, facts and analysis:

Electronic Intifada Is probably the best resource on the net. Good news, articles, info, currently a Palestine diary happening, excellent analysis of the situation.

Gush-shalom -likewise an excellent resource. Run by the Israeli organisation Gush Shalom includes a lot of info that you don't get anywhere else about dissidence within Israel and Israeli Palestinian collaboration against the occupation along with more general news. And contains the brilliant writing of Uri Avneri.

The Palestine News agency (https://english.wafa.ps/default.asp). News rather than analysis - updated several times an hour, some irrelevant but a lot that is worth knowing about. Palestine Red Crescent Society (www.palestinercs.org) Not exactly light reading but if you were after light reading you wouldn't have read down this far. Has both current updates and more long term information and stats about deaths, injuries, attacks on ambulances, effect of the wall etc. If you have to speak, right debate on the occupation, this is worth looking at.

Ha'aretz is a left liberal daily in Israel similar to the Guardian and can be a very useful resource.

Al Jazeera also carries independent coverage of the news from around the Middle East in English including on the situation in Palestine.

Palestine Indymedia, and Israel Imperial News, both carry dissident analysis and news.

Blogger Jews sans frontieres also has excellent things to say and the Jewish Socialist Group has a guide to dissenting Jewish voices


Also check out Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and  Twinning with Palestine for UK solidarity.

There is also this Lebanon info post with more local sources and blogs with first hand accounts of current events.

If you have other recommended news and information on Israel please let us know and we'll add your suggestions to this list.

July 2006

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