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1,100 arrests as protests continue

Jim Jepps

Demonstrators got into the convention1,100 following the massive half million strong demonstration on the Sunday of the Republican convention police have reported that they've arrested more than 1,100 people over the following days.

Some of these arrests were inside the convention itself, others were mass arrests made outside of demonstrations that police had labelled 'illegal'.



Protesting at the pigs with snouts in the trough

Demonstrators were determined not to let the Republican convention go smoothly, and in that they were successful, although traditional news sources barely registered the historic scale of these protests.

Wednesday night, a 50-year-old Washington woman was arrested inside the convention hall during Cheney's speech, witnesses and police sources said. The woman was wearing a pink nightgown with "Fire Cheney-Halliburton" written on the front and "Cheney is in bed with Halliburton" on the back.



September 2004

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