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Lindis Percy fights on


Lindis Percy returned to protest outside Menwith Hill military base, despite being ordered to wear an electronic tag just hours earlier.  She appealed against the sentence and said she would continue her peaceful protest at the base until the matter was resolved.

Lindis Percy who lives in Hull vowed to defy attempts to stop her long-running protest by confining her to her home from 8pm to 6am for a period of eight weeks. She has been ordered to wear an electronic tag to prevent her breaking the order. She was handed the sentence at Harrogate Magistrates' Court after being convicted of five offences of obstructing the highway and obstructing police officers at the base.

The Hull Daily Mail quoted Lindis as saying: "I appealed against the sentence straight away, so the sentence cannot be enforced until it has been resolved. Therefore, I decided to go and protest as usual at Menwith Hill base last night. I believe being tagged is a total violation. It is inappropriate, offensive and disgraceful. I do not know of any other peace protesters who have been tagged before. You cannot suppress the human spirit. I have been a peace campaigner for many years and I am not going to stop now."

Lindis Percy, a former Greenham Common protestor, is a joint co-ordinator of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) and is responsible for organising protests at the North Yorkshire base every Tuesday. She has been holding weekly protests at the base for the past five years.

The Crown Prosecution Service had asked for an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) to be imposed on Ms Percy, but the court refused on the grounds she had only ever conducted peaceful protests.

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