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Left wins FBU AGS election

Leftwinger Matt Wrack has won the election for Assistant General Secretary of the FBU, beating the leadership's favoured candidate John McGhee. Many may know Matt as the author of the Socialist Alliance pamphlet on the political fund.

The votes were:

Matt Wrack     6,260
John McGhee  5,522
Dean Mills       1,981

This is a great result, especially when you consider that there was no campaigning allowed, which obviously gave an advantage to McGhee (a full-time official) for whom the apparatus shamelessly campaigned via the union journal and other means (including the Guardian, who were required to issue a 'clarification') There was also a split in the left vote - the Mills candidacy could have taken votes off Matt.

Congratulations to Matt and all those who supported him. Poor old Andy Gilchrist is not a happy boy! The General Secretary election is next...


February 2005


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