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Returned Colombian asylum seekers killed

Jim Jepps


Last month Jhon Reyes-Prado, 33, and his family were repatriated to Colombia.


Despite a vigorous campaign, protests from MP's, local people and various organisations the immigration authorities were determined to throw Jhon Reyes-Prado to the wolves, despite four of his family members already having suffered murder (his father, uncle and two brothers).


The worst of fears was confirmed as news came in that he had been murdered by two hooded men on motor bikes.


 The National Coalition of Anti Deportation Campaigns had fought for the family to remain in this country, arguing that they would be subject to retribution from right wing paramilitaries. Tragically they have been proved correct.

Jhon, and others like him are not only victims of repression at home, they are victims at the hands of a Home Office that is not only irresponsible, racist and oppressive, but also culpable in his murder.



The racist policy of deporting those in danger just because they don't come from this bit of the map has to stop. Why not contact David Blunkett to complain?

fax on 020 7273 3965

Or write direct:

David Blunkett
Home Secretary
Home Office
50 Queen Anne's Gate
London SW1H 9AT




April 2004

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