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US allies in shock and awe

Jim Jepps


democracy in action

Over the last week there has been a massive shift in the resistance to the US led occupation. There has been a shift from car bombings, suicide attacks and small scale raids to full scale military operations.

Occupying forces have been driven out of whole areas of Iraq and where the military operations are less pronounced massive demonstrations have taken place.


Blair talks to the troops

One thing that the ongoing troubles highlight is the consistent lies of the occupying governments.

When the first military victory had taken place and there were still discontents it was blamed on remnants of the old regime. Then it was blamed on Al Quaida sympathisers pouring into the country. Now it is blamed on religious factions. This is not to say that none of these people exist - only that they are not the root cause of the resistance, the occupation is.

Consistently we were told that the population welcomed the occupying forces - yet when mass demonstrations take place it becomes harder and harder to say this.

the resistance continues

Consistently we have been told that its just a blip - when Saddam was first captured there was an upsurge of violence - the coalition told us that this was expected but will soon die down. But it hasn't, it can't and it won't because the Iraqi people want their country back and the longer that the invading armies remain, with all the unpleasantness that this entails, the hatred will build and build.


Karzai; Western puppet

Look at Afghanistan years after the instillation of the puppet government. Still Western forces have not militarily defeated the country, still there is no democracy (even in the liberal, capitalist sense) and all the so called effects of liberation (like the actual abolition of the burka) have yet to be seen.

I suppose it's a well worn point that governments lie to their populations, that the newspapers tout today's lie with the same enthusiasm that they touted last week's untruth - but it is worth remembering that these were the lies that made some waver and think - perhaps the war will bring benefits.


The effect of the current fighting will be long ranging. When the Tet offensive took place during the Vietnam war militarily the north Vietnamese army made few gains and took huge losses just to take towns and cities for a short while - but what it showed the world was that superpowers can be beaten, that ragged trousers and simple weapons can humble the richest and most vicious power on the planet.

Whatever the short term outcome of the current fighting in the long run it breaks open the lie that the majority welcome the occupation, it dents the confidence of the occupation armies making their position more and more untenable, it will prevent the UN from giving a fig leaf of legitimacy to the occupation and last but not least it will show all those who are afraid to fight imperialism it is possible to fight and win.



April 2004

  Terry Jones
in the Guardian.
Emergency lobby
Iraq for the Iraqis - end the occupation
Saturday 17th April
12 noon, Downing Street
called by the Stop the War Coalition