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Hartlepool RESPECT selects candidate

from official mailng by Rob Hoveman, RESPECT office

Hartlepool Respect last Friday selected an excellent local campaigner John Bloom
as candidate for the Hartlepool by-election.

A shop front is being established on Tuesday, a social on Thursday and serious
leafleting is planned over the weekend.

On Wednesday 18th August George Galloway, Lindsey German, health worker Yunus
Bakhsh and local candidate John Bloom will address a rally in Hartlepool.

We may only have a few weeks of campaigning however before the election, which
is likely to be all postal. 

We therefore urge Respect members and supporters to get to Hartlepool as soon
as, and as much as, possible to help with the campaign.

And of course please do all you can to help us raise the 10,000 we need to
mount an effective challenge.


August 2004


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