Blaenau Gwent by-election victory


Gwent victoryBlaenau Gwent's 'People's Voice' candidates have won stunning victories in the by-election held yesterday (Thursday, 30th June 2006) Trish Law won over 50% of the votes for the assembly elections and Dai Davies won 46.17% of the vote in the Parliamentary election.

New independent MP for Blaneau Gwent (which was once represented by Aneurin Bevin), Dai Davies, warned that major parties could become extinct if they did not listen to the public. "The dinosaurs thought they would live forever and they died out eventually. Unless political parties take note and listen to the people, you are in trouble."

This would also be backed up by the other parliamentary by election that took place yesterday in Chislehurst where a Tory majority was slashed from 13,342  to less than 700 (and Labour were overtaken by UKIP)

Trish Law said that "People have said in Blaenau Gwent they donít want Tony Blair and they donít want New Labour. New Labour is not doing Wales any favours and Blair is responsible for his own demise,"

Some commentators tried to write off Peter Law's candidature at the General Election to sexist attitudes towards the all women short list imposed upon Gwent. But in fact the problem was the attempt to  impose a right wing candidate on a leftist constituency. Hopefully putting the nail in the coffin of that little lie that Law's supporters were anti-woman is the fact that the female Trish Law squashed  Labour's John Hopkins, who is apparently male.

Terry Page, who was supporting the Independentís campaign, said that Labour had suffered a double wammy. "The people of Blaenau Gwent said, yes, we will vote for both independents. We donít like Blair and we donít like New Labour. They have had a kick in the bum ó again. We want Socialism back in the valleys in Blaenau Gwent."

Hazel Blears tried to write the defeat off as a "family feud" but it's much more than that. The supporters of People's Voice opposed centralised control and a right wing agenda abandoning what are seen as the Old Labour principles of the past.

That fight was not easy. AMICUS urged a Labour vote explicitly warning voters off Mrs Law - but People's Voice fought and won giving Labour pause for thought and ensuring an independent left voice in the Welsh Assembly and Parliament.




Dai Davies (Ind) 12,543 (46.17%, -12.00%)
Owen Smith (Lab) 10,059 (37.03%, +4.74%)
Steffan Lewis (PC) 1,755 (6.46%, +4.07%)
Amy Kitcher (LD) 1,477 (5.44%, +1.15%)
Margrit Williams (C) 1,013 (3.73%, +1.41%)
Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 318 (1.17%)

Electorate 52,508; Turnout 27,165 (51.73%, -14.40% from General Election)

2005: Ind maj 9,121 (25.87%) - Turnout 35,251 (66.14%) Law (Ind) 20,505 (58.17%); Jones (Lab) 11,384 (32.29%); Thomas (LD) 1,511 (4.29%); Price (PC) 843 (2.39%); Lee (C) 816 (2.31%); Osborne (UKIP) 192 (0.54%)



Trish Law (Ind) 13,785 (50.33%)
John Hopkins (Lab) 9,321 (34.03%, -36.19%)
Steve Bard (LD) 2,054 (7.50%, -3.36%)
John Price (PC) 1,109 (4.05%, -5.51%)
Jon Burns (C) 816 (2.98%, -2.74%)
John Matthews (Green) 302 (1.10%)

Ind maj 4,464 (16.30%)

Electorate 52,582; Turnout 27,387 (52.08%, +14.73% from assembly election)

2003: Lab Co-op maj 11,736 (59.36%) - Turnout 19,771 (37.36%) Law (Lab Co-op) 13,884 (70.22%); Bard (LD) 2,148 (10.86%); Elis (PC) 1,889 (9.55%); O'Keefe (C) 1,131 (5.72%); Thomas (UKIP) 719 (3.64%)


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