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Dear Gordon, you're costing us dear

Jim Jepps


your plan to axe 104,000 civil service jobs is madness. It's madness because the idea of your Labour government harvesting jobs on this scale will deepen the rift between yourselves and your traditional base. It's madness because it will cause untold misery not only to those who lose their jobs, live in fear of losing their jobs but also the demoralised core who are left behind and will be expected to deal with the same work load as before.

How can they? It is a myth that there are whole layers of bowler hatted paper pushers that are ripe for the axe. The majority of those who will lose their jobs in your swathe of cuts will be workers vital to the delivery of vital public services.

Make these services more efficient yes - by reducing paper work and targets. By reducing the amount of means testing and schemes that are their only to manipulate the statistics rather than do good for the unemployed, the sick and pensioners.

By reducing the number of staff and continuing to engage in these mad cap schemes the civil service can only become less efficient at delivering public services, not more.

The PCS union has described your proposed cuts as 'carnage' and feel compelled to take attack to defend their members, who are understandably very worried at this current time.

It is not enough to say the Tories would be worse - there is regrettably plenty of evidence that you are both as committed to privatisation, cuts and attacks on the poor as each other - something that literally millions around the country are sickened by.

Think again Gordon, try a package of investment and social justice rather than one of capitalist prudence by savaging the working class.





Jim Jepps







July 2004


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