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GMB exposes BNP criminals


The GMB, Britain's general union, is building its campaign against the fascist BNP. Across the country, activists from the GMB are preparing to campaign against BNP candidates in the coming General Election.

GMB General Secretary Kevin Curran today exposes the BNP's "dirty dozen", twelve more BNP "politicos" who have criminal records for offences ranging from violent assault to criminal damage. These names are added to the eight BNP supporters already exposed by Kevin Curran in a speech in London last weekend.

Kevin Curran said: "BNP members have been attempting to swamp the GMB with calls protesting at our campaign. Some have been brainless, some have been downright threatening. Their only effect has been to strengthen our resolve, as a union, to warn voters about the criminal culture in the fascist BNP.

"The retaliation attempted by the BNP only shows they fear the light we will shine on their values of racism, violence and intolerance in the coming months. We will continue to name and shame, as we tell voters that the BNP is a party that stands for nothing but hatred.

"The BNP's chief propagandist, Dr Phill Edwards - real name Dr Stuart Russell - has wrongly claimed that the GMB bankrolls a group called Tyne and Wear Anti-Fascist Association. We don't. The fascist spinmeisters have confused us with another GMB - Gateshead Metropolitan Borough. This GMB is delighted to have TWAFA brought to our attention, and generous funding is something we are now considering, given that there are at least three BNP convicts from the North East lurking among today's dirty dozen."

Today's BNP "dirty dozen" are:

1. Tony Lecomber, prominent in the BNP hierarchy, served three years in jail for a nail bomb plot. He got another three years in 1991 for stabbing a Jewish teacher and has 12 convictions in all.

2. Kevin Scott, BNP organiser in the North East, has convictions for assault and threatening behaviour.

3. Paul Harris, 41, BNP council candidate in Barnsley was convicted of using threatening behaviour towards a pensioner.

4. Jason Douglas, one of the BNP's leading candidates in the Greater London local elections, is a convicted football hooligan.

5. Warren Bennett, the BNP's chief steward, is also a convicted football hooligan.

6. Stephen Belshaw, who stood for the BNP in Amber Valley, East Midlands, was convicted in 1994 of attacking a Jewish solicitor.

7. Colin Smith, BNP South East London organiser. 17 convictions for burglary, theft, stealing cars, possession of drugs and assaulting a police officer.

8. Darren Dobson, BNP council candidate in Oldham. Convicted of racially aggravated assault at Oldham magistrates in November 2001.

9. Frank Forte, BNP member in Waltham Forest, convicted of Actual Bodily Harm in 1989.

10. Paul Thompson, former BNP organiser for Durham and Darlington convicted of criminal damage after an attack on a book shop in Durham. Also convicted for violence after attacking football fans.

11. Neil Keilty, BNP member, whose convictions since 1987 include criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon and threatening behaviour.

12. Gary Mitchell former Sunderland BNP secretary, convicted of racist attacks and possession of offensive weaponry.


March 2005


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