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French National Front split over successor to Le Pen

Jim Jepps

Le penLe Front Nationale in France has yet more problems over the leadership of Jean Marie Le Pen.

Every year the FN organises a "summer university" with named speakers, entertainment and the like. FN dissidents who believe that the party is becoming too 'soft' because it has attempted to make alliances with the mainstream right (in the way that Hitler did) are to hold a "university of the public mood and real country" in the town of Orange in the lower Rhone Valley.

This rival university looks set to be significant and the challenge to Le Pen (and the possibility of his daughter following him as leader) is serious.

This split has been growing since the poor performance of the party in the Euro elections earlier this year and mirrors the difficulties they had in 1995 after the massive wave of public sector strikes threw the party into disarray.

Whilst these problems did not deal a knock out blow and the FN went on to receive many millions of votes at the presidential elections they proved that the organisation is not unstoppable and that vigorous militant action not only is the most effective tool in fighting the bosses, it leaves the far right high and dry at the same time - which for anyone's money is two for the price of one.


August 2004


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