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Coca cola pulls out of Live 8 sponsorship

Coca Cola have backed out of attempts to sponsor Live 8.
Reports that the soft drinks giant was going to sponsor the event led to criticism of Live 8 organisers from campaigning and justice groups, who see Coca-Cola's support as being incompatible with the poverty-beating goals of Live 8.

One group, The India Resource Centre, has accused Coca-Cola of creating severe water shortages and pollution in India and accused the firm of being "poverty-creating" company. It argued that having Coca-Cola involved was completely "antithetical to the goals of Live 8".

The Scottish Socialist Party's Rosie Kane had highlighted the moves in a motion to the Scottish Parliament which condemned the company for being responsible for environmental problems in India and for the campaign of terror being waged against trade unionists at its bottling plant in Columbia. (Visit Columbia Solidarity Campaign here)

Rosie said today; "It is great news that Coca Cola have backed out of attempts to sponsor Live
8, their money is tainted with blood. Big business, like Coca-Cola, is part of the problem and cannot be linked to the solution. The idea of Coca-Cola cashing in and advertising at Live 8 should never
have been on the agenda.


June 2005


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