No to climate change; global day of action

Jim Jepps


This Saturday saw fantastic demonstrations across the world to demand real action on climate change.

These actions came out of the World Social Forum in January 2005 and were timed to coincide with climate change talks taking place in Montreal.

In London around ten thousand gathered in the largest demonstration of its kind in this country. Meanwhile smaller successful actions were taking place the length and breadth of the UK, for example in Edinburgh and Cambridge (both pictured)CambridgeEdinburgh.

Campaigners believe that governments across the globe should take the Kyoto treaty seriously if anything is to be done to combat global warming.



There were large protests In Melbourne and in Sydney as well as a host of other places across Australia.



Meanwhile in Mexico, Montreal, Seoul (all pictured) as well as Italy, Finland, and dozens of other countries significant protests showed that right across the globe there is a real concern over climate change and that people are becoming more and more willing to take to the streets to demand action.

Mexico Montreal

Global problems can only have global solutions - and will require global movements in order to combat them. More and more, partly due to improvements in technology, progressives are linking up right across the globe to fight for change.

These demonstrations can only be the beginning of the real fight though, because it will take far more than marching to break the link between those who hold political power and those whose interests must be confronted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


That will mean tackling the power of the multi-nationals and those super rich special interest groups who have held back action on climate change for so long.

These movements are becoming more and more anti-capitalist in flavour which is a fantastic development, because whilst some politicians may wring their hands and publicly frown about environmental issues, it's only the movements for social change that are willing to say what needs to be said.

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