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Shaun Brady sacked for gross misconduct

Jim Jepps

It's been a long time coming. from even before Brady was elected he was a smear on the name of ASLEF.

After the now infamous battle of the BBQ and Brady's refusal to cooperate with the investigation ASLEF have finally given their general secretary the boot, and not before time.

It was already clear that Brady was conducting a smear campaign against the left in the union and in particular a whispering campaign against previous general secretary Mick Rix.

For example, Brady had accused Mick Rix of conducting a scorched earth policy in the union prior to his take over. Matthias Kelly QC fond that there was nothing in these allegations what so ever.

Indeed Mr Brady began his reign by announcing that if union full timers did not like new conditions imposed on them from above he would have them sacked and employ non-union personnel - clearly a champion of the working class.

Brady still faces more charges and has the possibility of appeal, but it is clear that his days are over and the union has the chance to begin concentrating on fighting for its members rights rather than a right wing challenge for control of the union.


August 2004

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