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The repulsive rise of UKIP

Jim Jepps


In a shock poll today the UK Independence Party seems to have surged ahead in the run up to the Euro elections on June 10th.


Whilst both the Tories and Labour have lost 5% the YouGov poll shows a clear surge for the UKIP which, if translated into votes on the day itself would mean around a dozen UKIP MEP's far more than their current three.


This would also mean the LibDems were relegated to fourth place despite their increased share of the vote, which could have a deep impact on their share of the number of MEPs.


The poll also showed the BNP as polling just 3%, far below what they would need to win an MEP, even with the proportional voting system.


If the Green vote, as indicated, remains static this could mean that they lose their well respected MEPs Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert, due to the decreasing number of MEPs that the UK will be returning.


Also clearly worrying is that RESPECT is having difficulty breaking through the recognition barrier to sweep up the anti-war vote. Although there has been some press and radio coverage, the organisation has found it difficult to gets its voice heard in the media, Guardian letters pages aside.


If RESPECT is to turn its fortunes around it needs to make an impact as soon as possible, and in particular in those areas that are all postal voting - where ballot papers have just been sent off.


May 2004

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