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Jim Jepps, editor


Hello readers,


On June the 10th the European, GLA and local elections take place. This is clearly a very important time for the left. Many of us are rushing around doing anti-fascist work and trying our damnedest to build the left vote because we recognise the results of these elections will profoundly effect the shape of things to come.


Before June the 10th we will be carrying our usual mixture of reports, news and discussion and we hope that people of different persuasions and coming from many different traditions will feel free to contribute to that debate.


Directly after June the 10th we will be running a comprehensive election service up dated as soon as humanly possible after the results are announced. We will cover many of the European election results and look more deeply into the possible implications of the results here in the UK.


On Friday 11th there will be an initial assessment and breakdown of where you can find the results on the BBC, etc.

On Sunday 13th there will be a preliminary series of articles on the local election results, and the GLA campaign.

On Monday 14th there will appear our full  coverage of the results and assessment of the elections in the evening. (The European votes will not be counted until the Sunday)


Over the course of the week we hope to print further assessments of late results and we'd like to invite you to submit your responses to these elections and what you think it may mean for the future.

This can be long or short as we will be printing an 'in brief' selection as well for those who like their comments short and to the point.


Hopefully by the following weekend we will have prepared a downloadable election analysis for distribution at the extremely important post election meetings that are being organised in various places around the country.

If you'd like to write in with suggestions, contributions, or reports please feel free to e-mail me at you may like to check out the submission guidelines first of course.


June 2004


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