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Dem Lib Dems

Jim Jepps

Tariq Ali can do it, so why can't you?

Vote Lib Dem that is. It's certainly true that in some areas across the country the only way to punish a pro-war Labour MP is a tactical Lib Dem vote. Any jump in Lib Dem fortunes will be seen as a reward for their 'opposition' to the war.

It's ironic that someone like Colchester's MP Bob Russell left the Labour Party for the SDP because he thought Labour was too left wing and now has a voting record far better than some of the Campaign Group MPs.

Having said this most Lib Dem target seats are ones that they hope to take from the Tories, including Oliver Letwin (oh dear God yes please). Also in their favour is their approach to the war on terror, civil liberties and asylum which, compared to the two headed monster, looks like some sort of Leninist internationalism. But let's not get carried away - whilst it *might* be acceptable in your area to vote for the Lib Dems this once the job of building a progressive strand of politics does not lie with the yellow peril.

April 2005


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