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What's left in Labour?

Jim Jepps

Steve Bell at the Stop the War conference said that "Labour is not just the biggest pro-war party in Parliament, it is also the biggest anti-war party." Shouldn't we whole heartedly support all the labour MPs who voted against the iraqi adventure?

Well, first of all is the election simply a referendum on Iraq? When we see Blair's grinning face the day after, as we surely will, it will not reflect the massive opposition to the war. Combine this with the voting record of many of the Labour 'rebels'.

There are probably forty Labour MPs with good voting records but the rest continued to vote for top up fees, foundation hospitals, control orders - whilst its impossible to tell the motivations of many of those who voted against the war it's clear the massive anti-war movement and mood at the grass roots of Labour put the fear of Allah into otherwise spineless careerists.

Can we distinguish between a vote for a Labour MP who voted against the war and a vote for the pro-war Labour government? It would be sound advise to take into account an MPs overall record, consider the prospects carefully and where necessary vote Labour.

April 2005


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