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Green Response to election

Peter Cranie, Election Co-ordinator, Green Party


We are obviously disappointed not to win any seats, or for that matter finish second in any constituency. However, we've made some steady gains in a number of London seats and with 22% in Brighton Pavilion and 11% in Lewisham Deptford, we've continued to build on our platform of locally elected politicians. What is clear to me is that many of the 1 million + voters who supported us last year in a Proportional Election have plumped for the "least worst option" instead of voting Green.

George Galloway's high profile and remarkable victory over Oona King is the headline of the night, but it is Respect's results in East and West Ham (either side of the 20% mark) that are undoubtedly impressive and have particularly caught my interest. There is certain to be strategic discussion within the Green Party about what this means for Green / Left political relations. I've already started this process on a political newsgroup as a way of finding out the views of grass root activists.

Greens stood in over 200 constituencies and we have shown significant increases in vote share in the majority of these. We've retained a decent number of deposits and on a personal note, I achieved a very respectable 5.5% in Liverpool Riverside although I was disappointed that we failed to overtake the Tories. A full analysis of the results will have to wait until the County Council results come through. This is where we expect our steady local progress to continue.



April 2005


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