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Rose Gentle challenges Alex Salmond

Rose Gentle this afternoon threw down a challenge to Alex Salmond and called on the SNP to stand down in East Kilbride, Strathhaven & Lesmahagow. Speaking after the SNP said they were unable to stand down because of a constitutional commitment to provide every Scots elector with the option to vote for independence,

Rose Gentle challenges Alex Salmond: "I support independence, SNP should stand down. Alex Salmond has sent a message of support to Reg Keys who is standing against Tony Blair in Sedgefield.

"I was very disappointed that Mr Salmond has not seen fit to contact me in any way regarding the Campaign For Justice For Gordon Gentle or my candidacy in East Kilbride.

"I have been working closely with Reg Keys in the Military Families Against War campaign.

"I challenge Mr Salmond to give his support to the family of a young soldier killed in Iraq from a Scottish regiment as he is doing for Reg Keys in Sedgefield.

"I support the call for Scottish independence.

"An independent Scotland would not have sent troops to fight an imperialist war in Iraq and my son would not have been killed.

"If elected as MP for East Kilbride I would support the fight for an independent Scotland and I call on the SNP to stand down."

The Scottish Socialist Party has already stood down in favour of Rose's campaign and it is now time for the SNP to make a decision, do you put your 'opposition' to the war before or after your desire to make political capital for yourselves?

Rose Gentle also welcomed the news that the Save The Scottish Regiments campaign are standing down in East Kilbride, Strathhaven &
Lesmahagow to allow Rose Gentle a clear run at Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram.

Rose said this afternoon;

"I appreciate the fact that Save The Scottish Regiments have stood down to give me a clear run at Adam Ingram.

"I appreciate the fact that Save The Scottish Regiments understand that I am supporting serving Scottish soldiers by calling for them to be brought home from Iraq.

"I have been told that there is outrage amongst serving Scottish troops in Iraq that they have been disenfranchised and are unable to express their opposition to the Iraq war in this election.

"I pledge to represent those serving members of Scottish regiments in this election.

"I now call on all other parties who have expressed opposition to the Iraq war to stand down in East Kilbride.

"The SNP, the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats could help punish the warmongering Armed Forces Minister if they now stand down and help achieve justice for my son, killed in the illegal war and occupation of Iraq."


April 2005


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