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Why Socialists Should Support Respect
Ian Donovan

Why vote Labour
Rob Griffiths

Vote Labour or the Hamster gets it
John O'Farrell

Open Letter From Labour Party Members

Why you should vote Respect
Michael Lavalette

Greens campaigning on public services and peace
Interview with candidate Graham Elliott

Stop the Lib Dem's 'poll tax'
Andy Newman

Why I won't vote for the blood-stained Labour Party
Liz Davies

Voting anti-war
Milan Rai

Friend or foe?
Ken Livingstone

What's the alternative?
Declan O'Neill

The onward march of the populist right?
Nick Bird

Grzincic on Respect; a review
Matthew Caygill

The Lib Dems Are Yellow Tories
Andy Newman

Don't just (not) vote
Richard Hindes

The Greens and the General Election
Matthew Selwood

Finding Respect
Glyn Robbins

Big losers and small winners; what happened in the Euro election
Matthew Caygill

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General Election

~May 2005~


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Socialists in Westminster?
What ever next?

This just in
Labour has won the General election - bruised, but not beaten

Blair says people wanted a Labour government with a reduced majority, and that's what they got.

Michael Howard to stand down as Tory leader.




Reg Keys polled more than 4,000 votes vs Blair (approx 10%)

Richard Taylor the Kidderminster Doctor has held onto his seat

Doris Kelly for SLP wins 14.2% in Glasgow North East

Rose Gentle achieved 3.2% in East Kilbride

Socialist Party Derbyshire County Council result
Jonathon Dale 1364 votes 26%, (Labour got 3750)

BNP Oldham West
6.9% which is a massive reduction from 16.4% in 2001
BNP 3rd in Barking with 16.9%

Barbara Roche, ex-immigration minister has lost her seat in a 15% swing to the Lib Dems

Stephen Twigg loses his seat, returning control to the Tories

Craig Murray in Blackburn receives more than 2,000 and 5%, retaining his deposit

see all the respect results at their site

Peter Law left independent has won!

Clare Short has said that a much reduced Labour majority would be a very good thing indeed.

Turnout is up

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