The South West Alternatives


This is NOT a recommendation on how to use your vote, only a guide to the left of Labour candidates, so, for instance, many socialists will be voting for Ian Gibson in Norwich South rather than the Green candidate.

Also we are not listing all seats, but we are listing all seats where there is a progressive left of Labour candidate. And one last note of caution, remember that the Euro election results are just a guide to the strength of the party in the area, drawing direct comparison between the figures could be misleading as these are not equivalent elections.

Constituency Alternatives Party 2005 Result Percentage Previous results Notes
Bath Eric Lucas Green 2,494 5.4%    
Bridgwater Charlie Graham Green 1,391 2.9%    
Bristol East Arjuna Krishna-Das Green 1,586 3.8%    
Bristol East Paulette North Respect 532 1.3%    
Bristol North West Graeme Jones Socialist Alternative 565 1.2%    
Bristol South Charlie Bolton Green 2,127 5%

3% in 2001

Bristol West Bernard Kennedy Socialist Labour Party 329 0.6% 0.8% Socialist Alliance  
Bristol West Justin Quinnell Green 2,163 3.8% 1.1% SLP  
Cheltenham Keith Bessant Green 908 2.1%    
Cornwall North Dick Cole Mebyon Kernow        
Cornwall South East Graham Sandercock Mebyon Kernow 769 1.4%


Devon North Ricky Knight Green 1,826 3.5%    
Devon West & Torridge Peter Christie Green 2,003 3.4% +1.1%  
Dorset North Ralph Arliss Green 1,117 2.1%
Dorset South David Marchesi Socialist Labour Party 25 0.1%    
Dorset South Berny Parkes Respect 219 0.5%    
Dorset West Susan Greene Green 952 1.8%    
Exeter Tim Brenan Green 1,896 3.4%    
Falmouth & Camborne Hilda Wasley Mebyon Kernow 370 0.8%    
Forest of Dean Stephen Tweedie Green        
Gloucester Bryan Meloy Green 857 1.7%    
Northavon Alan Pinder Green 922 1.6%    
Plymouth Devonport Rob Hawkins Socialist Labour Party 445 1.1% 0.7% SLP same candidate  
Plymouth Devonport Tony Staunton Respect 347 0.8% 0.8% SA same candidate  
Plymouth Sutton Rob Hawkins Socialist Labour Party 230 0.6% 0.9% SLP in 2001  
Salisbury Hamish Soutar Green 1,555 2.9%    
St Ives Katrina Slack Green        
Stroud Martin Whiteside Green 3,056 5.4%    
Swindon North Andy Newman Socialist Unity 208 0.5%    
Swindon South Bill Hughes Green 1,234 2.8%    
Swindon South Alan Haywood Independent 193 0.4%    
Tewkesbury Robert Rendell Green 1,488 3.3%    
Tiverton & Honiton Colin Matthews Green 1,399 2.4%    
Truro & St Austell Conan Jenkin Mebyon Kernow        
Woodspring Rebecca Lewis Green 1,309 2.5%