The North East Alternatives


This is NOT a recommendation on how to use your vote, only a guide to the left of Labour candidates, so, for instance, many socialists will be voting for Ian Gibson in Norwich South rather than the Green candidate.

Also we are not listing all seats, but we are listing all seats where there is a progressive left of Labour candidate. And one last note of caution, remember that the Euro election results are just a guide to the strength of the party in the area, drawing direct comparison between the figures could be misleading as these are not equivalent elections.

Independents where it is not clear they are left field have not been included.

Constituency Alternatives Party 2005 Result Percentage Previous results Notes
Easington Dave Robinson Socialist Labour Party 583 1.8% Same candidate 2.5% in 2001  
Hartlepool Frank Harrison Socialist Labour Party 373 1.1% 2.4% SLP in 2001  
  Iris Ryder Green 288 0.8%    
Newcastle upon Tyne Central Joe Hulm Green 1,254 3.5%    
Newcastle upon Tyne East & Wallsend William Hopwood Socialist Alternative



1.3% SLP  
  Martin Levy Communist Party of Britain



0.4% CPB in 2001  
Redcar John Taylor Socialist Labour Party 159 0.4% same candidate 2% in 2001  
Sedgefield Reg Keys Independent 4,252 10.3% 1.3% SLP in 2001  
Tyne Bridge Jill Russell Respect



1.9% SA 2.1% SLP in 2001  
Wansbeck Nic Best Green 1,245 3.4% + 0.9%