The Eastern Region Alternatives


This is NOT a recommendation on how to use your vote, only a guide to the left of Labour candidates, so, for instance, many socialists will be voting for Ian Gibson in Norwich South rather than the Green candidate.

Also we are not listing all seats, but we are listing all seats where there is a progressive left of Labour candidate. And one last note of caution, remember that the Euro election results are just a guide to the strength of the party in the area, drawing direct comparision between the figures could be misleading as these are not equivalent elections.

In this region pity Labour's candidate for Epping Forest, Bambos Charalambous who is contending with UKIP, English Democrats AND the BNP - and similar commiserations go to Labour's PPC in Saffron Waldon Swatantra Nandanwar who is contending with UKIP, English Democrats and Veritas.

However, lucky are the voters of Peterborough who can vote for the Motor Cycle News Party candidate and in Southend good luck to the 'Max Power Party' but after due consideration we've decided not to include their votes among those of the left.


(and link to BBC for full results)
Alternatives Party 2005 Result Percentage Notes Notes
Basildon Vikki Copping Green 662 1.5% 4.4% Euros 04  
Bedfordshire Mid Ben Foley Green 1,292 2.6%    
Braintree James Abbott Green 1,308 2.5% 6.7% Euros 04, elected cllr  
Bury St Edmunds Graham Manning Green 1,603 3.0%    
Cambridge Martin Lucas Smith Green 1,245 2.9% Greens 10.9% Euros 04  1.7% SA in 2001
  Tom Woodcock Respect 477 1.1% Respect 1.7% Euros 04  0.1% WRP in 2001
Cambridgeshire South Simon Saggers Green 1,552 2.9%    
Castle Point Irene Willis Green 1,617 3.5% 4% 2004 Euros  
Essex North Chris Fox Green 1,718 3.6%    
Harwich John Tipple Respect 477 0.9%    
Hertford & Stortford Peter Hart Green 1,914 3.9%    
Hertsmere Jim Dry Socialist Labour Party 518 1.2% 1% in 2001 same candidate  
Luton South Mohammed Ilyas Respect 725 1.9% 0.7% in 2001 for the SA  
  Marc Scheimann Green 790 2.0% 0.3% in 2001 for the WRP  
Norwich North Adrian Holmes Green 1,252 2.7%   Ian Gibson's seat
Norwich South Roger Blackwell Workers Revolutionary Party 85 0.2% 1.2% in 2001 for the SA  
  Adrian Ramsay Green 3,101 7.4%    
Rochford & Southend East Andrew Vaughan Green 1,328 3.4%


Suffolk Central & Ipswich North Martin Wolfe Green 1,593 3.1%    
Suffolk Coastal Paul Whitlow Green 1,755 3.3%    
Watford Steve Rackett Green 1,466  3%     
Waveney Graham Elliott Green 1,200 2.4%