Yesterday's Tomorrow

Alun Rees


Alun Rees is one of Wales's leading poets and a down-to-earth Welsh socialist to boot.

His collected works, Yesterday's Tomorrow, is a collection of his finest political poetry dating over 40 years. It's full of wit and anger, raging against the system and mocking politicians and bosses. His Merthyr upbringing shines through much of his writing. Here's the title poem:



When I grew up in the people's republic of Merthyr
we'd point out the communists in the street
and pity them for their political moderation.
As for the Tories, they were a protected species,
for they knew not what they did,
supporting the party of millionaires in a town
where the seriously rich were those with two pairs of shoes.

When I grew up in the people's republic of Merthyr
it was always the eve of tomorrow. Today was grim,
but yesterday had been grimmer, and we knew
that somewhere ahead there was a tomorrow
where things would be as they should be.

When I grew up in the people's republic of Merthyr
the schools had books and pencils and things, and the libraries
were full of dreams and visions. Everyone was scheduled
to do better than his dad. We had
the greatest football team in the universe, and above all
we had hope, we had hope, we had hope.
It was always the eve of tomorrow, and the forecast was fine.
But when does tomorrow come? Maybe tomorrow.


Email here for details of how to get a copy of the book, which is published by Lolfa's Dinas imprint for only 3.95.




October 2006

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