At last!
We can win the War On Terror

War on terrorJim Jepps

"The ‘War on Terror’ was once just a violent hobby for greedy imperialists. Now, courtesy of TerrorBull Games, it’s also a board game! That’s right, now everyone can experience the thrill of waging war on an abstract noun – and liberate the world in the process."



Yes, it's true, at last we can win the war on terror. It's a relief to us all I can tell you. Courtesy of Cambridge based TerrorBull games (yes it is a real game, not a spoof, although, well, it is a spoof sort of I guess, but it is real) you can both simultaneously fund and fight 'terrorism' just like the big boys do.

Blending a disjointed twenty first century alienation with a sharp (and sledgehammer) understanding of geo-political conflict the war on terror allows you to see the whole thing from the other side. Oil, enemies who are your friends and friends who are your enemies and secret note passing (surely the definition of a classic game?) the war on terror has the lot.

That's right - you actually have to wear a balaclavaBut isn't it immoral? The war on terror isn't FUN for goodness sake. Well, Andy T (pictured left), one of the game developers had this to say "Some people suggest that turning the War on Terror into a board game is a tad insensitive. I always reply that starting a war is insensitive, a board game is just fun for the family."

And that's how things should be. They've started marketing their game in all the right ways - secret communiqués, being thrown out of trade fairs, getting threatened by the police - respect.

But I'm worried. What about all that legislation about glorifying terrorism? You better get your copy ordered before Special Branch have snapped them all up I reckon!


"Games should change depending on who plays them. Players should define and characterise the game they're playing."

Bin Laden is a monsterOne of the interesting things about the game is how the world, and the rules get turned on their heads - good guys become bad, empires rise and fall and those who once found favour with the rich and powerful across the world suddenly find they are "the axis of evil" and persona non-grata. Shhheeesh.

Traditionally games like hard and fast rules, clear cut lines and their black pieces vs white pieces. Here the "War on Terror" tries to blur those lines between terrorism and empire, between truth and lies and between political statement and just plain foolishness.

Where'd he get that cash?Anyone whose read 1984 will remember the five minute hate that the citizens were subjected to everyday. For us today that five minute hate is paedophiles, terrorists, Lib Dem leadership contenders - granted, all these people are scum but its difficult NOT to react against the stifling thought police that say over here are the good guys and over there - booo.

This five minute distraction every day allows empire to fund its murderers and dictators today and tomorrow bomb them to hell with all the latest super duper missiles and that. If we ARE going to be distracted it should be with our own inventions - and that's where radical board games come in!

Oh yes - at last it's here!


Jan 2006

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