A Steyn on humanity

by Tawfiq Chahboune

"To me, the Zionists, who want to go back to the Jewish state of AD70...are just as offensive as the Nazis. With their nosing after blood, their ancient 'cultural roots', their partly canting, partly obtuse winding back of the world they are altogether a match for the National Socialists…” Victor Klemperer writing in June 1934.


"primal force"


Apparently - let us pray - Mark Steyn, the reactionary Zionist and extreme bigot (as opposed to regular bigots), will no longer grace the Telegraph group's publications, the only section of the British print media so enamoured by the Canadian's near-Nazi ravings. The Telegraph's new proprietors, the Barclay brothers, have no doubt found Steyn's absurd and hate-drenched columns, almost all of which are anti-Arab and anti-Islam rants, tiring and far too extreme even for the Torygraph and Spectator. Now that Lord Conartist Black is no longer proprietor, there is every chance that the Telegraph group will go back to its pre-Gush Emunim days. Lord Black's enthusiasm for Gush Emunim-style chauvinism (Israel Shahak called this depraved mindset "Jewish Nazism") led directly to the employment of the Steyn on humanity.

To wish Steyn a fond farewell, and hopefully a permanent good riddance, let's remind ourselves of the kind of "analysis" Steyn (golden?) showered on his readers for far too long. With barely any effort, I found the following spewing of bile from a curious and deranged journal called the New Criterion (the criterion being hatred for Arabs and Islam). Steyn's bigotries and neo-Nazi rhetoric were on full display in the North American "journal"; it is as an authentic microcosm of his venomous output as one is likely to want. Entitled It's The Demography, Stupid, the article informs us that, if we don't listen to the remedies Steyn has to offer, the "primal force" of Islam will conquer Europe, perhaps the world. Reading Steyn brings to mind Gilbert Achcar's joke about the "Protocols of the Elders of Mecca".

"The Muslim faith," writes the Steyn on humanity, "whatever its merits for the believers, is a problematic business for the rest of us. There are many trouble spots around the world, but as a general rule, it's easy to make an educated guess at one of the participants: Muslims vs. Jews in 'Palestine,' Muslims vs. Hindus in Kashmir, Muslims vs. Christians in Africa, Muslims vs. Buddhists in Thailand, Muslims vs. Russians in the Caucasus, Muslims vs. backpacking tourists in Bali. Like the environmentalists, these guys think globally but act locally." Note that Steyn believes "the Muslim faith" itself - forget the jihadis - is the problem. Also note Steyn's use of scare quotes on Palestine. It is the radioactive nucleus of the Zionist chauvinist: after destroying everything in its proximity, it'll eventually destroy itself; in its refusal to accept manifest truths, this Zionist chauvinism mirrors, but by no means is on a par with, Holocaust denial. I can hear Steyn bellowing, "It is mein kampf to inform the world of this Islamic cancer!"

Hitler, of course, had the same logical disposition, but, crucially for Steyn, a different victim. Otherwise, their poisonous rhetoric is not that very different. Close your eyes and imagine a Hitler beano. I know it's hard, but try to ignore all the distasteful brown clothing and the absurd moustache the Fuhrer sports. As "sieg heils" batter your eardrums, the one-balled sociopath strides to the podium and, with all the feigned outrage he can muster, thunders: "There have been many trouble spots around the world, but as a general rule, it's easy to make an educated guess at one of the participants. The Jew." To this all too realistic possibility, a torrent of ear-splitting SIEG HEILS spurts forth from the master race in attendance.

Now for a quick, but by no means exhaustive, Hitlerian History of the World: Jews vs. ancient Egypt, Jews vs. Romans, Jews vs. Babylonians, Jews vs. Ferdinand and Isabella's Catholic Spain, Jews vs. Crusaders; Jews expelled from England in 1290, Jews expelled from France in 1394, Jews expelled from Spain in 1492, Jews expelled from Sicily in 1493, Jews expelled from Lithuania in 1495, Jews expelled from Portugal in 1496, Jews expelled from Brandenburg in Germany in 1510, further expulsions from Naples, Prague, Genoa, Bavaria, the Papal States, Vienna, Moscow and innumerable other places; pogroms by the score with Jews always on the receiving end, and lastly the Holocaust that nearly rid the world of this "problematic" faith, to name but some of the Jews vs. the rest. Throughout history one side has been Jews; the other, well, someone - anyone! - else. Therefore Jews must be the problem. For thousands of years - thousands! - Jews have always been part of the problem.

That's the Hitlerian version of history. Substitute Muslim for Jew, and it's also the Steynian version of history. Where there's Jews, there's trouble, as anti-Semites say. Where there's Muslims, there's trouble, as Zionist chauvinists say. Klemperer, for one, would see Steyn as "offensive as the Nazis"; Israel Shahak would have called him a "Jewish Nazi". How diseased must Steyn be to resort to Nazi propaganda? Well, his initials are MS. Regular MS damages the central nervous system and is marked by speech defects and a lack of coordination. Mark Steyn, by contrast, suffers from a disease - Zionist chauvinism - which extinguishes intelligent thought and replaces it with uncontrollable bloodthirsty ravings.

MS wilfully ignores the fact that in most of the examples he cites national liberation struggles are the factor, with religion being irrelevant. And the others are either acts of self-defence or an act of terrorism by a jihadi group Steyn used to support when their fire was directed at commies, the Left and liberal Muslims.

Steyn rhetorically ponders why it is the Canadian PM didn't care to visit the "Sword of the Infidel-Slayer Mosque" after 9/11. That is to say, all Muslims are for a bit of "infidel-slaying". Ahmadinejad, if he had a brain, could reply in similar vein about a similarly imagined Christian place of worship: "Turning Jews Into Soap And Furniture National Cathedral". Why all the hate, MS? Were you refused entry to art school?


"self-extinction" of the "European races"

The MS gets to work: "In essence, the lavish levels of public health care on the Continent are subsidized by the American taxpayer." That'll come as a surprise to European taxpayers. Nonetheless, American "essence"? The Steyn on humanity is turning into General Jack D. Ripper from Dr Strangelove! "And this long-term softening of large sections of the west makes them ill-suited to resisting a primal force like Islam." Although you would never have guessed it, Muslims are, for example, exploiting Europe's provision of free chemotherapy treatment to cancer patients to undermine European Christendom! How diabolical. I have no idea how the Islamic "primal force" is using the NHS to Islamise the country, but Steyn does. Unfortunately, he does not disclose this brilliant plan. Forget attacking and invading Muslim countries, according to the Steyn, the neocon answer to jihadi terror should be private health insurance.

The MS disease spreads: "The al Qaeda nutters can never find enough suicidal pilots to fly enough planes into enough skyscrapers to topple America. But, unlike us, the Islamists think long-term, and, given their demographic advantage in Europe and the tone of the emerging Muslim lobby groups there, much of what they're flying planes into buildings for they're likely to wind up with just by waiting a few more years. The skyscrapers will be theirs; why knock 'em over?" All Muslims are "al Qaeda nutters" and at their current rate of breeding are on the brink of European domination. Hitler said the same of Jews: they too were on the brink of European domination.

The disease is now in full control: "To avoid collapse, European nations will need to take in immigrants at a rate no stable society has ever attempted…It seems more likely that within the next couple of European election cycles, the internal contradictions of the EU will manifest themselves in the usual way, and that by 2010 we'll be watching burning buildings, street riots, and assassinations on American network news every night." Within four years, as night follows day, Europe will be gripped by Islamic "riots and assassinations…every night". Europe's pension system is allowing the barbarians to enter the gates. I've heard of some pretty peculiar reasons for pension reform, but the imagined violence of Islamic imperialists wasn't one of them. For sheer imagination, the Steyn on humanity wins every time. If you whisper Muslim or Islam within earshot of MS, his neurons will work overtime to concoct a bizarre fantasy of Islamic plotting.

Without serious treatment, MS will reach the point of no return: "We are living through a remarkable period: the self-extinction of the races who, for good or ill, shaped the modern world…Will Japan be an economic powerhouse if it's populated by Koreans and Filipinos? Very possibly. Will Germany if it's populated by Algerians? That's a trickier proposition." Translation: Muslims are lazy, stupid and parasitical. Hitler said the same of Jews - except they were fiendishly clever, not stupid. It must pain Steyn to say something not entirely derogatory about Filipinos, but he does it in a round about way by insulting Muslims.

The point of no return has been passed: "Worst-case scenario: Sharia, circa 2040; semi-Sharia, a lot sooner - and we're already seeing a drift in that direction…As things stand, Muslims are already the primary source of population growth in English cities. Can a society become increasingly Islamic in its demographic character without becoming increasingly Islamic in its political character?" Presumably the answer is No. The fact that Muslims vote for England's established political parties is perhaps part of their diabolical plan? Tricky creatures these Muslims. Will the Steyn on humanity start denouncing the UK's political parties for asking Muslims to vote for them?

A do not resuscitate order is necessary: "…men enjoy that right [rape] under many Islamic legal codes around the world." Really? But evidence came there none. It's all part of Steyn's imaginary world: Muslims are so inherently evil that this must be true. Similarly, Jews need Christian blood for…

Scrap that and put him down: "Or will the dying European races understand that the only legacy that matters is whether the peoples who will live in those lands after them are reconciled to pluralist, liberal democracy? It's the demography, stupid. And, if they can't muster the will to change course, then 'what do you leave behind?' is the only question that matters." And there you have it: the "dying European races" will "leave" the whole show to lazy, ignorant, fanatical, parasitical, breeding Muslims. And why? Because of pensions, health care and other un-Western policies which sap Europeans of their "essence".

As you would, or should, feel with any of Steyn's output, in It's The Demography, Stupid, you'd be forgiven if a sensation of deja vu enveloped you. By this, I don't mean that once you've read one Steyn article, you've read them all. Although that is certainly true, I mean something else entirely. Look at the stirring and blood-curdling words and phrases the Steyn uses: "resisting a primal force", "demographic advantage", "avoid collapse", "stable society", "burning buildings", "riots", "assassinations", "self-extinction", "races who…shaped the world", "rape", "European races", "those lands", "muster the will", "change course", "what do you leave behind", "the only question that matters". What does it remind you of? Victor Klemperer knew.



April 2006

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