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The story of how the sun came to set

Sarah Holmes


The sun rose through a veiled arc
Its light obscured by the accumulated
dirt of the day before, of the world beneath it.

Here and there, it struck through the fog of humanity
And where its heaven sent beams touched,
the hearts of mankind were warmed
and the land was set alight with life.

Slowly as the sun grew higher and stronger,
The confusion and diffusion of its energy
were focussed and its light became clear
and untainted where it was welcomed.

In dark places, the fog grew dank and foul smelling.
It fed on the nonsensibility of mankind and nurtured
its prey with disease and lifelessness.
The sun had made the shadows though, it knew that the creatures needed shade from the glare of life, a cool breeze and a time to rest and be still. But its light couldn’t reach into the dark places and in its brilliance had created the perfect place to breed the worlds unhappiness and fear.

As life flourished in the warmth of pure light,
so did love and happiness.
And as the shadows deepened so did confusion and unhappiness and uncertainty.

Those creatures living in light and those creatures living in darkness were all the same.
They chose where to place themselves according to their needs.

The Sun looked at this imbalance of humanity, its range of emotions so complex and demanding when all was required was food and light and dark and shelter. It shrugged its shoulders and decided that the only way to achieve equilibrium was to leave the ends of the scales of the spectrum to the believers and diseasers and to concentrate on nurturing the myriad colours between.

The Sun slowly slid down the slide of the end of the day and as it did so it smiled to itself and winked and said to the Moon who was just painting the edges of all the trees with a silver line .....

.......a new day tomorrow .....




January 2005


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