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'The Real World'  

Tahmina Ghaffar

Everyone assumes they're living in the real world.
They go about their days
Not seeing past the fringes of their painfully small lives.
Having nothing more than a passing glance
At the world they are statistically a part of
Yet so distant from.
Their biggest concerns - sofa sets and mortgages
The rest of the world a tainting smudge on the TV.
Underground, Parkside High, David Lloyd... that's the real world,
No time for media blurb of mystical lands..
West Bank, Omagh, Guantanamo Bay.
Momentary sympathy for foreigners,
First nameless,
Later faceless,
Then forgotten... all before breakfast.
Headlines just scribbled hurdles before the sports and horoscopes...
The real world.


November 2005


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