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The revolution will be on MP3

Jim Jepps

I've just listened to the last and emotionally charged speech made by Martin Luther King. Hearing first hand the power and rage of one of the foremost fighters for progress of the twentieth century is a real gift, and it came courtesy of Resistance MP3 (link above). This is a really excellent site bringing together all kinds of spoken political speeches - not simply "I have a dream" (Martin Luther King, Jr Date: 28-08-1963), but also Malcom X's Last Speech, Chomsky on Corporate Media Radio, TV & the Information Highway*, Arundhati Roy on the Business Of War and the brilliant Jeremy Hardy, How To Work.

The range is really excellent. Having been developed by an SWP member there are a large number of sessions from Marxism over the years. For example Pete Green on Bourgeois Economists (1985), Pat Stack on Just Say No To The War On Drugs (2003),  Mark Steel on The French Revolution, Part 2, (2002), and the human rights lawyer Louise Christian on Guantanamo Bay, 2003.

You'd be mistaken in thinking that the contents is all SWPish though. What about Michael Albert on Anarchist Economics Part2 Part3, Mike Marqusee on Muhammad Ali  and Questions to Mike, or George Monbiot's Age Of Consent?

I really wish there were more sites with this kind of resource - and it would also be good if more people both used this site and sent in MP3s they have collected from the broad range of speakers in the movement to create a really vibrant library for the left. I also believe that the webmaster (God I hate that term) needs your internet space, if you have any, to help store the huge volume of files you can find on the site.

There's lot's more on the site and I've decided to resist the temptation to list my favourites but instead, if there's a subject you want to know more about, you've got a good chance of finding this site more than useful. Recommended. Five stars. A plus.


May 2005


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