Record label launched from left field

Militant Entertainment

Militant Entertainment is a new record label borne out of the Left Field stage at the Glastonbury Festival.

The name Militant Entertainment was one of the slogans of the Rock Against Racism movement in the 70’s and the label picks up on that theme of blending street-level campaigning with popular culture.
The idea for the label was cooked up late one night at Glastonbury by Geoff Martin, Left Field Director and union organiser, and Alan Miles, firefighter and film maker who pulled together the stunning Who Shot the Sheriff? – the documentary charting the history of RAR.

The principles of Militant Entertainment are simple – to release material by artists associated with the Left Field and who share our principles of opposing racism and corporate control while supporting the campaign for economic and social justice both in the UK and around the world.

But mainly we want to get some good music out there in the fine tradition of the independent labels that have blazed the trail over the past 30 years.

Our first release – Everybody’s Welcome to the Hooley, an anti-racist anthem for St Pat’s by North London psycho-ceilidh rockers Neck – will be out in late February.

Next off will be a first release by Brighton band Teasing LuLu and we are negotiating a series of other deals to take us through 2006. Keep this frequency clear and keep a look out for more Militant Entertainment on the web, on the streets and in the shops.

Militant Entertainment



March 2006

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