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Persecution, Torment, Frighten, Topple, Drown

Maezi Maria Wake


Cruelty rings through a youth’s accursed ears

of darker tendency,

lobes twitched involuntarily- protest?

His eyes lock hidden by twin brows,

petrified defiance.

His mouth is clenched- third fist to match the

couple trembled tightly either side of he.


The cold stone wall gnaws hard those mocha feet,

no shoes to hide their shame.

And the heartless water behind, far beneath, croons

a merry ballad of death.

Contrasting, vivid eyes flash fear, under

sable eyebrow patrons

Emerged in torment grows poor he, the jeering joking crowd

too much.

A shuffle brought him forwards, a push

flung him back.

Yells of taunt and sneering fill his world, as well as

sticks, rotting apples, stones; oppression.


Then heels peek far past firm land, dusky calves half-wittedly escort

his form a-wobbled and his lungs a-scream.

Into the water topples unique, but tired a being,

while the waspish, pale chum’s surrounding he, a victim-

watch their actions loot his life.


May 2005


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