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Only fools rush in...

Glenn Jenkins

A general election – a frequent selection – of fools holding hope in their hearts

Ignoring the snoring, the bland and the boring to bring us another ’new start’

The cheating, the bleating, the hard plastic seating as candidates babble their spiel

But no one is voting for those that are gloating – the ones who hold power for REAL

We don’t vote for bankers or other rich wankers so why are we standing in line?

Putting crosses on paper is a con and a caper to maintain this ‘democracy’ line

When push comes to shove the chips are all down and when bosses and workers collide

The clones that you vote for will not rock the boat for they’re mainly on capital’s side

Of course there are people who sit like a steeple above the corruption and greed

Like our Kelvin Hopkins (a man of great values) is just what Lutonian’s need

But as a reminder of all that’s behind us we’ve also got Margaret Moran

Who slavishly follows big business and power so that her career goes to plan

So my main conclusion amidst this confusion is now pretty clear in my mind

Whilst these bastards and bitches are in it for riches we’re probably wasting our time

So I recommend that the trappings of power are whittled away here and now

So the people who stand don’t get 100 grand whilst the people who put them there bow…

(and scrape)


March 2005


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