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Fit Enough

Sarah Zawadiwsky


What comes to mind in my time of treasured innocence, its been compromised so that I can declare my only son fit to fight.


The blackest night will fall when my eyes become so blind that I cannot see the blood shed in the name of red, white, and blue.


The balance of time slowly drifts away, the slow decay of my worst memory lives on in the skin, the soul created only to think and not to kill.


Beyond my will, I know the eyes of each peace sign prevailer will come to conquer ill-thought ideas; and declare this world fit for freedom.


Well know weve done our damage to "beloved" mother Earth when its shined as a pane of glass the lost bells of Sunday mass will no longer ring.


Wont you bring this world once last favor the sparing of its own breath the saving of its own family the consideration of your own immoral soul?


Only then will this red, white and blue over-ruler be thrown to the side, only when pained glass can be broken, and broken souls can begin to rebuild a life so cruelly stolen.




September 2004


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