Has Galloway become more famous?

Andy Newman


As an early task in Celebrity Big Brother the housemates were asked to rank themselves in order of fame. There is no serious political reason for researching this further, but then there was no serious political reason for GG going on this celebrity indulgence in the first place. It is just show biz! As his attendance on CBB was a huge vanity project from the beginning I am sure Galloway would be pleased that he started and ended his internment as the most famous person there at least in the cybersphere.


Based upon the frequency of their names on web-sites as measured by Google, then this is their ranking approaching the end of the ordeal.


Google hits      Search String

1,760,000          "George Galloway"

1,030,000          "Dennis Rodman"

885,000             "Jodie Marsh"

815,000             "Traci Bingham"

403,000             "Michael Barrymore"

377,000             "Pete Burns"-

256,000             "Rula Lenska"

190,000             "Faria Alam"

55,800             "Samuel Preston" Preston+"Ordinary Boys"

22,800              "Goldie Lookin' Chain"+Maggot

12,600              "Chanetelle Houghton"


Given that Chantelle Houghton was virtually unknown before CBB, (she would only have been mentioned on a handful of modelling sites as a professional Paris Hilton look-alike) this suggests a base line increase of 12600 web-sites during CBB (However we can assume that GG has not had the same increase of coverage as Chantelle on web-sites such as www.celeb-babes.co.uk ) As GG is ahead of Dennis Rodman by a country mile in the listings, we can assume that in terms of web listings, his appearance on CBB has made little impact on his overall fame. However, he has certainly increased his profile among those who take no interest in politics.


Here are some other rankings:. Galloway will be pleased to see he is only slightly less famous than Homer Simpson, but much more famous than  labour left MP Alan Simpson. But he has a long way to go, as Tony Blair is more famous than Allah. And as Tony Blair is much more famous than Mick Jagger, isn't it time the Ugly Rumours reformed to cash in on the celebrity ? the cannot be worse than Kandyfloss.


By the way - this poll has settled once and for all John Lennon's "blasphemous" boast - that the Beatles are more famous than Jesus, the overrated Liverpool boy band aren't even more famous than George Bush (and Ringo Star may not even be as clever)


Google hits      Search String

64,400,000        Jesus

23,500,000        "George Bush"

16,700,000         Beatles

14,900,000        "Tony Blair"

9,770,000           Allah

7,340,000         "Elvis Presley"

2,050,000        "Homer Simpson"

1,900,000         "Mick Jagger"

1,760,000          "George Galloway"

273,000             "Alan Simpson"+MP

95,200             "Ringo Star"




Jan 2006

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