Demise of Israeli leader throws peace process into disarray

Tawfiq Chahboune


Exclusive story since 1948 for all lazy hacks to unthinkingly trot out every few years. In the following prearranged all-purpose format insert reason for demise, name of demised PM, unique quality of visionary demised PM and country currently occupied by Israel as appropriate:


The sad demise of Israel's prime minister due to (choose from Option 1 below) has thrown the peace process into disarray.


Only Prime Minister (choose from Option 2 below) had the (choose from Option 3 below) to make peace with (choose from Option 4 below).


It is a sad day for peace in the Middle East - but an easy day for the thick and gullible hacks who "report" on these matters, especially the boy James "Embassy Man" Reynolds.


Option 1. Political intrigue, war crimes, corruption, incompetence, assassination by Zionist lunatic, massive stroke.


Option 2. Ben-Gurion, Sharett, Eshkol, Meir, Rabin, Begin, Shamir, Peres, Netanyahu, Barak, Sharon.


Option 3. Political authority, military stature, trust of the Israeli public.


Option 4. Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine.




Feb 2006

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