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Poetry Tahmina Ghaffar The Real World Nov 2005
Poetry Black Bill Blake X Ray visions Nov 2005
Poetry Black Bill Blake What use Karl Marx now? Nov 2005
Poetry Salman Shaheen Paki in the middle Nov 2005
Poetry Lozi Bolton Dexters Hotel Nov 2005
Poetry Lozi Bolton Cullinary Insomnia Nov 2005
Review Tawfiq Chahboune The Geek Kernels July 2005
Review Kath Owen Somewhere in a field in Sumerset July 2005
Review Salman Shaheen Dave Rovica and Attila the Stockbroker July 2005

Tawfiq Chahboune

Strange attactors; the delusional and the witless June 2005
Review Stuart Hodkinson, and others Girl in the cafe my arse June 2005
Poem Alex Glasgow The ABC of Socialism June 2005
Review Jim Jepps The Thick Of It June 2005

Tawfiq Chahboune

Confessions of a rap virgin June 2005
Link John Molyneux Emin matters (from ISJ) June 2005
Poem Frank Mitchell Who killed Superman June 2005
Poems Dave Renton Four shorts May 2005
Review Jim Jepps Kingdom of heaven May 2005
Poem Tamara Brennan A world of musketeers May 2005
Poem Tamara Brennan Static, hanging in a day May 2005
Review Salman Shaheen New Levellers Album; truth and lies May 2005
Review Andy Newman Why we watch Big Brother May 2005
Review Jim Jepps The resistance will be on MP3 May 2005
Poem Shanna Moore Halls of justice May 2005
Link Mandy Beaumont Queensland poet, writer, performer May 2005

Maezi Maria Wake

Persecution, torment, frighten topple, drown May 2005
Short Story Sophie Parks The Copse April 2005
Poem Richard Chattaway Moon (Earth) April 2005
Review Jim Jepps Who's for some who? April 2005
Poem Tim Richards The Big M March 2005
Poem Tim Richards On the Edge March 2005
Comment Francesca Oscar night's Che omission March 2005
Poem Salman Shaheen Of a broken home March 2005
Link Torin Douglas A Better BBC- (Hmnnn...) March 2005
Review Jim Jepps Ideal? March 2005
Poem Sarah Zawadiwsky 'The Truth Beyond Present Eyes' March 2005
Announcement Pam Bishop Banner Theatre tour March 2005
Song Glenn Jenkins Only Fools Rush In March 2005
Obituary link to Guardian This gonzo life, Hunter S Thompson Feb 2005
Poem Salman Shaheen The Highway Feb 2005
Obituary Link to SW article Arthur Miller- a writer of integrity Feb 2005
Poem Jaz Delorean Charade Jan 2005
Poem Kev Reid Garden ornament tyranny theorem Jan 2005
Short Story Sarah Holmes The story of how the sun came to set Jan 2005
Review Jim Jepps Team America Jan 2005
Short story Salman Shaheen Icarus' Wings Jan 2005
Review Jim Jepps Springtime for Springer Jan 2005
Interview CounterBLASTS Interview with playwright Steve Trafford Jan 2005
Review Andy Newman 'A Cloud in Trousers' Jan 2005
Review Nick Bird Sarah Kane: 'The simple fact of pain' Jan 2005
Poetry Fleassy McPurple Scarlet Tears Jan 2005
Poetry Fleassy McPurple naive destruction Jan 2005
Review Darren Williams A Pirate's Life for Me Oct 2004
Review Rupert Mallin Fringe at the Factory Oct 2004
Polemic Rachel Eastwell Every girl wants a stalker Oct 2004
Poetry Sarah Zawadiwsky Fit Enough Sept 2004
Song Ben Drake We vow to thee my country Sept 2004
From the Guardian James Meek Art into ashes (part one) Sept 2004
From the Guardian James Meek Art into ashes (part two) Sept 2004
Poetry Mandy Beaumont He builds a city Sept 2004
Poetry Mandy Beaumont Bring back seductive conversation Sept 2004
Poetry Mandy Beaumont He calls me at dinner time Sept 2004
News Red Pepper / IOF Open poetry competition Sept 2004
Diatribe Rupert Mallin Stuckism; progressive or reactionary? Sept 2004
Review Andrew Newman The revolution starts... now Sept 2004
Poetry Marc Jones Life's a beach Sept 2004
Diatribe Diana Grove The totally coolest Kissinger site ever!! Sept 2004
Poetry Salman Shaheen Children of Babylon August 2004
Poetry Salman Shaheen Change August 2004
Article Rupert Mallin Made up in the broken August 2004
Poetry Patriot Act Good government August 2004
Polemic De Clarke What is beauty anyway? August 2004
Review Andy Newman There once was an ugly duckling August 2004
Poetry Unknown An ode to a committee August 2004
Polemic Margie Thirteen reasons not to diet August 2004
News Andy Newman Transsexual wins Big Brother August 2004
Review Rupert Mallin The Shadow Knows - Adrian Mitchell August 2004
Poetry Catherine Turner Silence for the dead August 2004
Obituary John Green &
Karl Dallas
Ken Sprague - radical cartoonist August 2004


John Ezard Harold Pinter wins Wilfred Owen Prize August 2004

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