Five books every socialist should read

Clive Searle

Clive Searle is a member of Respect's national executive


Homage to Catalonia, George Orwell - a book that inspires you at the sense of what is possible for the working class to achieve and then enrages you at the way those hope and dreams of a generation could be dashed on the rock of Stalinism.



Ten Days that Shook the World, John Reed - a classic account of the Russian Revolution - read it for all the above reasons and more.



The Scar, China Meiville - without a doubt the finest piece of fantasy fiction ever written. The scale of imagination in inventing the floating pirate world of Amarda is simply breath-taking. No review can ever do this book justice - read it.



The Jewish Question, a Marxist Interpretation, Abraham Leon -  Belgium Trotrskyist Leon was murdered in Auschitz in September 1944. His path breaking analysis of the origins of modern anti-semitism is an essential starting point for anyone wanting to understand the role played by Zionism in the Middle East today.



High Tide, how climate crisis is engulfing our planet, Mark Lynas - not a happy read this one but full of the facts we need to understand if we are to have any chance of stopping catastrophic global warming. The clock is ticking and Lynas marshals rational and compelling reasons for action.




March 2006

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